Engineering | From Concept to Reality

We provide a full set of Design Services from initial product concept up to fully functional prototype and production. Should you require support with any single design step we can support any step along the way. We have undertaken a wide variety of projects including fitness datalogger, music playback devices, electronic strain gauges, mechanical shock data logging with environmental and positioning recordings, single phase and three phase DC/AC inverters ranging from 100W to 18KW and more...


Hardware Design | System Level Design

Define System requirements and functional specifications based on your product concept. Component selection and schematics design of the system. Engineering calculations and Circuit simulations can be used to select topologies and components for an optimal implementation. Our Embedded Designs include the most advanced technologies including ARM Core micro-controller systems, FPGA/CPLD design, MEMs, Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, Capacitive Touch, USB 3.0, GPS and more...

PCB Layout

From 2 layer circuits designed for high-volume low-cost production up to high-density multi-layer processing boards, we have successfully provided PCB Layout services for over 10 years.

PCB Layout projects we have completed include controlled impedances (single trace or differential pairs), DDR2/DDR3 memory, SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) up to 18kW, Sub-GHz wireless transmission, GPS, and much more. Through constant feedback from our in-house Contract Manufacturing facility, we have developped PCB Layout methods which provide functional performance while optimizing manufacturability.


Firmware | Embedded Programming

Design and develop embedded logic to control system or it's components. We have many years experience programming using a wide variety of languages and systems. These include C, VHDL, embedded Linux w/ C++ & JavaScript and more.


For projects requiring Software for control, communication or user interface, we offer software development services. We have experience designing and developing software in various frameworks and languages such as MicroSoft .Net C# & Visual Basic, C for embedded Linux, JavaScript and others.