Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

We provide PCB Assembly Services to meet your requirements. Our PCBA service includes Surface Mount (SMT), Through-Hole, BGA (Ball Grid Array), Press-Fit and more.

Fully automated placement and manual prototype services are available. From production quantities to prototyping, we offer Turnkey solutions. Our manufacturing department takes great pride in delivering PCB assemblies of the highest quality workmanship. Our capabilities include uBGA/LGA technology, ROHS compliant assemblies, double sided BGAs, advanced X-Ray inspection, Environmental Chamber testing, Functional Testing and more.


Prototype Assembly

Prototyping for Proof of Concept or Pre-Production

We offer prototype PCB assembly. Based on your project needs, manual assembly or automated assembly can be used.

For a Turnkey solution, we handle purchasing of printed circuit boards and components.


Fully automated Surface Mount placement equipment allows us to place the most advanced component packages from large BGA's down to 01005 resistors & capacitors.

Solder Paste Printing with Software based automated visual inspection ensures print coverage and accuracy. A reliable & accurate printing process is a key component to ensure quality solder joints.


BGA Soldering | BGA Rework

Since the introduction of BGA (Ball Grid Array) component packaging over 20 years ago, we have developped our expertise with BGA assemblies. Prior to the reflow process, thermal simulations are performed accounting for solder paster thermal characteristics, component requirements and PCB parameters. Our sound methodology provides reliable BGA soldering avoiding common pitfalls of "Head in Pillow" effect (open), short-circuits and poorly formed solder columns. In some cases where a single BGA is required on a prototype or if a component must be replaced, our BGA Rework station is used.

X-Ray Inspection

Packaging of BGA, CSP and LGA components require X-Ray inspection to ensure quality solder joint formation.

Using our advanced X-Ray inspection equipment, solder joint integrity is ensured. We detect solder bridging (short-circuit), "head-in-pillow" (open), void percentage and any structural issues with solder joint formation.



Although many components are Surface-Mount (SMT), Through-Hole ("thru-hole") technology remains common for Connetors, Power electronics and Legacy Products (older designs). We form, mount and solder all types of Thru-hole components.